On the 21st of September 2022, a total of one hundred twenty (120) Grade 7 students from the Philippine Science High School – Caraga visited the Center for Human-Computer Interaction (CHCI) as part of their field trip visit in Caraga State University. The students were welcomed by the CHCI Director, Dr. Jaymer M. Jayoma together with the faculty and staff associated with CHCI.

Following that, Ms. Eunessa Alob, Technical Staff of CHCI, then introduces her colleagues to everyone and discuss the CHCI’s mandate, mission, vision, goals and objectives. Additionally, the previous projects handled by the center was also introduced

Mr. Elbert Moyon, CCIS Faculty, then took over to provide discussion about the Digitization Project of DSWD and GEOAGRI of DA-BAFE. This is to provide students with better understanding about the work of the Center for Human-Computer Interaction.

The DSWD digitization project was develop for fast record tracking. It is an application for digital archiving and indexing of documents. GEOAGRI on the other hand, is an in-house web-based system jointly developed by the Bureau of Agricultural and Fisheries Engineering and Caraga State University to consolidate the information of FMR projects. It is envisioned to be the common portal for all Government Agencies and Local Government Unit (LGU) implementing FMR which promotes transparency, governance, maximized resource allocation and minimized duplication and overlapping of projects.

After Mr. Moyon’s discussion, Mr. Kent Espejon, then introduces the “Industry 4.0 Learning Factory for Mining Engineering and Geology in the Academe and Mining Industry using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Technologies” also known as MARVEL Tech.

Following the short discussion is the testing of MARVEL Tech. The students were thrilled to try out MARVEL Technologies, they also had the opportunity to experience the actual scenario of a mining site using the VR head gear.

A total of 120 Grade 7 students from Philippine Science High School-Caraga were split up into three groups to prevent crowding, each group were only given fifteen minutes to tour inside the centers of College of Computing and Information Sciences (CCIS). After the quick tour, students and CHCI personnel gathered for a photograph.


On September 22, 2022, there are sixty Grade 8 students from the Philippine Science High School-Caraga visited CHCI. Everyone was welcomed in the office and a short video presentation about CHCI was screened. Mr. Jayson Dollete, Project Development Assistant of MARVEL Tech, was present to discuss the technology innovations of CHCI. In his discussion, he quotes, “Young people are expected to bring about change, being a changemaker in a digital age requires to be technology innovative.” Furthermore, he exhorted everyone to choose a career in the realm of information technology.

Mr. Kent Espejon, Computer Programmer, then introduce the new project of CHCI which is the Mining Augmented and Virtual E-Learning Technologies also known as MARVEL Tech. After a short discussion, students are encouraged to try out the technology. The students were astounded by the virtual experience going into the actual mining site

On September 23, 2022, Grade 9 students from the Philippine Science High School – Caraga visited the Center for Human-Computer Interaction (CHCI) as part of their field trip visit in Caraga State University. The CHCI personnel accommodated the students and offered discussions about the technology innovations developed by the center.  Students in Grade 9 received the same instruction as those in Grade 7 and Grade 8 who had previously visited CHCI. The attendance of the last batch of Grade 9 students signified the completion of their three-day field trip visit in Caraga State University.