Industry 4.0 is characterized by a combination of cyber-physical systems that uses modern control systems and embedded software systems that is connected using IOT . Mining industries already employ these concepts to look for opportunities and to optimize their processes – embedded sensors, automation, and robotization of production processes. However, the delivery of training and instruction for mining education has largely remained traditional. The necessary skills needed for the mine of tomorrow should be considered. The Industry 4.0 Learning Factory would bridge this gap through a Digital Training Center making use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). It envisions an augmented miner with senses and memory extended through technology.

GEOAGRI is an in-house web-based system jointly developed by the Bureau of Agricultural and Fisheries Engineering and Caraga State University to consolidate the information of FMR projects. It is envisioned to be the common portal for all Government Agencies and Local Government Unit (LGU) implementing FMR which promotes transparency, governance, maximized resource allocation and minimized duplication and overlapping of projects.

The Department of Social Worker and Development (DSWD) Caraga, like any other organizations, consists of several departments that continuously produce a high volume of records daily. These bulk of printed documents generated are piled and archived in the record’s office and concerned divisions for safekeeping and future use. Presently, their records management system is conventional, giving them a hard time to retrieve and keep track of the record’s whereabouts. Further, the supervision and manual indexing of documentsgenerated each day burdens the records officer and is susceptible to human error. With this, DSWD embarks into record’s digitization to ensure that permanent andN valuable records are preserved, secured, and accessible for future reference in a more efficient way as required by the different divisions of the department.


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