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Records Management System

2nd Flr. Hiraya Building, Caraga State University, Ampayon, Butuan City, Philippines

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General Description 

A Records Management System was developed to assist the DSWD records officer and the organization itself and its clients as a whole for fast record tracking and to provide fast and efficient service. It is an application for digital archiving and indexing of documents. These documents are cataloged into five categories: administrative, financial, legal, personnel, and social services records. These records are vital in the organization and have a corresponding retention period where the documents could be disposed of as stipulated in the National Archives Policy of the Philippines.

System Features

  • Authentication and Authorization + CAPTCHA
  • Scan documents
  • Upload documents
  • Extract text of the uploaded/scanned documents
  • AI- endabled classification (user assisted)
  • Search Facility
  • Manage Entries (Edit/Update/Delete)
  • Quick Response (QR) Code
  • Watermark
  • Export documents
    • (PDF, CSV, EXCEL, Print)
  • Generate reports
  • Generate statistics
  • Transaction Logs
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
    • Get Records
    • Put Records

System Functional Directory

The system’s navigation bar contains the four major functional buttons, Manage records, Search, Reports, Activity Logs and User Menu.
Manage Records Page – Data entry page of the system.
Search Records Page – Search Facility page of the system.
Reports Page – Graphical and Statistical representation of data are featured in this page.
Transaction Logs – Significant changes made in the system are logged and ca be viewed in this page.
User Menu – contains user specific details.



2nd Flr. Hiraya Building, Caraga State University, Ampayon, Butuan City, Philippines

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