GEOAGRI is an in-house web-based system jointly developed by the Bureau of Agricultural and Fisheries Engineering and Caraga State University to consolidate the information of FMR projects. It is envisioned to be the common portal for all Government Agencies and Local Government Unit (LGU) implementing FMR which promotes transparency, governance, maximized resource allocation and minimized duplication and overlapping of projects.

GEOAGRI provides an online interactive Management Informative System (MIS) portal which consolidates, store/manages, process, and analyze GIS-based data of the FARM-to-Market Road Projects of the Department and other road projects of National Government Agencies (NGAs) and Local Government Units (LGUs), provide an avenue for transparency, inter-agency data sharing, science-based approach planning, and harmonization of FMR implementation, facilitate the visualization of robust spatial data available online and provides a visual assessment of the road network, address the issues on FMR location where farmers will fully utilize the benefits, the interconnectivity of FMRs, elimination any form of duplication, and build FMR information system among the different implementing agencies and complement NAMRIA geoportal and other online web-mapping data sources.

Anent to this, a two-day training on the use of GEOAGRI system was conducted on October 3-4, 2022 at the Conference Hall of the Department of Agriculture Caraga. There are 13 participants coming from the different LGUs in Caraga who took part on the first day of training. The main objective of the training was to provide the end users with real-time knowledge and instruction on how to use and operate the GEOAGRI system.

Engr. Joellyn Sawi Buco, the facilitator, requested Engr. Jaredde Glynn Penaso to lead the prayer. Following the prayer, Engr. Glenn D. Odtojan then delivered his welcome address and acknowledged the presence of each and every one in the room.

Mr. Elbert Moyon and Mr. Edsel Matt Morales, who are the system developer of GEOAGRI were invited to be the resource person for the training. A promotional video of GEOAGRI was screened before beginning the presentation.

In the training proper, Mr. Moyon elaborated on the background of the system together with the dilemmas encountered by the previous IROAD system. He asserts that the fundamental objective of the establishment of GEOAGRI was to address the problems with the previous IROAD system.

A walk-through guide on the different system features and functionswas also provided by him. After that, Mr. Moyon asked the participants to sign up in the system, then he inquired if there had been any problems upon signing up, the participants replied that none had beendiscovered.


After signing up in the GEOAGRIweb application, Mr. Edsel Matt Morales took over and perform a demonstration on how to navigate the system. Following that, he also elucidated the features and functionalities of the system. Afterthorough instruction and demonstration, Mr. Morales allows the trainees to encode FMRNP proposals in the GEOAGRI system in accordance with their respective provinces.

The day one activity endedwith a small talk from Engr.Thessa Lyn B. Limas of the Department of AgricultureCaraga. She thanked everyone for taking part in the training and encouraged everyone to join her on stage for a photo op.